Climate resilient communities – key design features

As part of my job as a social researcher at the Scottish Government, I was asked to give a scene-setting presentation on for Architecture & Design Scotland’s public sector client forum: Designing for a Changing Climate: Climate, Health & Place. This was meant to be an event in the real physical world where I’d present in person to a room of people (feels quite novel now) but now it’s all online.

My presentation is about climate resilient communities, and I created a model of the key design features and discussed some evidence relating to it. I focus particularly on social capital and human health & wellbeing, including in relation to COVID-19 (which is now a bit out of date as the presentation was made in April). The human health & wellbeing part also covers eco-anxiety, connection with nature, and transformational resilience.

Nadine Andrews, Scottish Government April 2020

The key idea in my presentation is that climate resilience in communities is an emergent property – the state of each segment in the model and how the segments interact with each other determines what the resilience of that community will be – it’s a dynamic system. Interactions between segments can happen in ways that enhance each other (so synergies and co-benefits) or they can happen in ways that conflict with each other (trade offs, maladaptation).

The question then is how to design policies and interventions across all of these segments that will support the emergence of climate resilience, at a community level, in a particular place.

There are several other presentations and resources as part of this A&DS forum Designing for a Changing Climate: Climate, Health & Place – so do visit and give your feedback! There is a live discussion event on Tues 9th June 11am-12.30pm which I will participate in – sign up here

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nature awareness – audio recordings

I’ve been recording mindful observations of nature in various places around Scotland – I hope you find them interesting/inspiring/relaxing.

This first one was broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland ‘Sunday Morning With’ programme on Easter Sunday  – the introduction went as follows: Nadine Andrews works in the field of mindfulness & nature-based coaching, supporting people to cultivate a more harmonious relationship with nature. Now more than ever she’s feeling the importance of having a deep connection with the natural world around her. One morning this week/last week she went to her closest green space from home to explore the sights and sounds around her…

Easter Craiglockhart hill, Edinburgh, April 2020, 6am

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“Fighting” climate change: an analysis of a metaphor and its problematic entailments

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This article builds upon my previous post which was written in response to an article by the environmentalist Bill McKibben in 2016. In an upcoming post I will draw on these ideas to explain why I think the prevalence of the … Continue reading

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Climate psychology & role of emotions

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Here’s a presentation I gave at the Climate Emergency – Raising Ambition conference, in London on 14th Sept 2019, ending the talk with a short guided meditation. The event was organised by the Green European Foundation with the support of … Continue reading

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A model of climate justice as a self-regulating system

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Two years ago I developed a model for a job interview that represented climate justice as a self-regulating system. I was asked to present on the topic of “Achieving climate justice: what are the biggest challenges and how can they be … Continue reading

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Without Growth or Progress: adapting our culture to the new climate reality

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Sat 7th Sept, 12.45  – 4pm @ University of Edinburgh Chaplaincy Centre We must do all that we can to limit our descent towards climate breakdown and ecological disaster. But we can no longer deny that this is now our direction … Continue reading

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Deep Adaptation Dialogue – Sat 15th June 1-4.30pm, Edinburgh

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DATE: Sat 15th June, 1 – 4.30pm VENUE: Edinburgh Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace EH1 2JL As more of us consider the possibility of societal collapse due to climate and ecological crisis, there is growing desire to gather and … Continue reading

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Mindfulness & nature connection in Edinburgh

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I’ve started running  monthly 2-hr mindfulness & nature connection sessions in Edinburgh through the Edinburgh Nature meetup group which I now co-organise. The purpose of these sessions is to cultivate our ability to notice what is happening in our inner-outer worlds, … Continue reading

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From subject-object to subject-subject: new social norms to avert ecological catastrophe

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In February this year I presented at the Leverage Points 2019 conference in Lüneburg Germany. Some of the key concepts are explored in more depth in my 2018 paper ‘How cognitive frames may affect felt sense of nature connectedness‘ in … Continue reading

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Conflicted about emotions: ecological grief, love and truth

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Where are the emotions? The keynote speaker representing the IPCC had just finished his presentation at the World Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation at Manchester Metropolitan University. It was September 2015. The questions from the conference delegates were sparse and … Continue reading

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