Talks & events

New 6 week nature connection course

Deepening connection with nature. Teaching a 6-week course at The Salisbury Centre Edinburgh from Thurs 27 April 2023. Info and application form here

Upcoming talks

Transition, transformation & growth – an ecopsychology perspective. Speaker at First Psychology Scotland conference, Dynamic Earth Edinburgh. Sat 25 March 2023

Climate Assemblies. Guest speaker at Edinburgh University discussion event. Wed 22 March 12.45 – 1.30pm

Climate anxiety and resilience. A private 45-min event for BakerHicks design & engineering consultancy. Mon 20 March 2023.

Previous talks

Systems Thinking and Practice. A 3-hour workshop with Scottish Water (delivered as part of my job in Scottish Government). Mon 6 March 2023.

Climate anxiety. A panel discussion for Engineers Without Borders. University of Glasgow. Fri 24 Feb 2023

Lecture on Psychological Approaches to the Environment. For the Edinburgh University MSc Environmental Protection & Management Lecture Series: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Environment, Tuesday 24 Jan 2023

Rewilding Spirituality: Spiritual Perspectives on our (Re-)Connection to the Natural World. Participating in panel discussion organised by the Edinburgh International Centre for Spirituality & Peace. Wed 14 Dec 2022

Eco Anxiety: supporting young people to navigate the climate crisis. Panel event by Youth Link Scotland, 10 Nov 2022. View recording here

Climate circle. Private discussion sessions for Sainsbury Family Charitable Trust staff, Wed 12 Oct, Thur 17 Nov 2022.

Climate anxiety and managing emotions. An in-person private event in Edinburgh for 2050 Climate Group as part of their Young Leaders Development Programme. Sat 15 Oct 2022.

Climate anxiety and how to promote resilience. A private event for Climate Reality Project Europe in partnership with Climate Psychology Alliance. Thur 29 Sept 2022.

Learning from Scotland’s Climate Assembly. Panel discussion on the findings of our research on the assembly, hosted by Scottish Communities Climate Action Network. Tues 20 Sept 2022, 7-8.30pm. Online. View recording here

Eco-anxiety, Ecological Grief, and Solastalgia: Individual, Collective, and Intergenerational Perspectives. An event organised by the Edinburgh International Centre for Spirituality & Peace, Wednesday 25 May 2022, 7-9pm. Online.

Then to Now: What have we learnt about the Psychosocial Response to Climate Change? Panel session as part of the international conference ‘6 months on from COP26 Psycho-Social Reflections: What have we learnt?’ Organised by the Association for Psychosocial Studies & Climate Psychology Alliance. Wednesday 4 May 2022, 1-3pm. Online. Information about the event here

Eco-anxiety and managing emotions. A presentation for a climate cafe run by Aberdeen Climate Action. Tuesday 5 April 2022, 7-8pm. Online. VIEW HERE

Eco-anxiety and managing emotions. A presentation for University of St Andrews Wellbeing Week. Tuesday 22 March 2022, 6-6.45pm.

Women’s Climate Strike, as part of a 24 hour vigil at Scottish Parliament, I will give a talk on climate distress and managing emotions and lead a short mindfulness exercise. Tuesday 8 March 2022, 2.30pm, outside Scottish Parliament, Holyrood. Information about the event here

Lecture on Psychological Approaches to the Environment. For the Edinburgh University MSc Environmental Protection & Management Lecture Series: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Environment, Tuesday 8 Feb 2022

The Psycho-Spiritual Understanding and Transformation of Trauma. An event organised by the Edinburgh International Centre for Spirituality & Peace. Wednesday 15 Dec 2021

Working on climate change: impact on people in organisations. A seminar as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science, where I presented key findings from my PhD research, along with Rebecca Nestor. Monday 29 Nov 2021 7-8.30pm

Climate Psychology Summit. I organised this day event exploring key topics in climate psychology, for the Climate Psychology Alliance, Saturday 20 Nov 2021. View video recordings of talks and dialogue sessions:

Session 1 Introduction to Summit & Climate distress
Session 2 Trauma & resilience
Session 3 Threat responses & organisations
Session 4 Ecological grief & nature connection

Citizens’ assemblies on climate change – lessons from the UK. A seminar as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science, with Dr Stephen Elstub, where we presented early findings from research into the Climate Assembly UK and Scotland’s Climate Assembly. Thursday 25 Nov 2021 2-3.30pm & 7-8.30pm VIEW HERE

The Journey from Scientific Insight to Societal Action. An event with the European Climate Research Association, as part of the COP26 EU Side Event programme, Monday 1 Nov 2021. I talked about the psychological considerations of communicating shocking research.

Threat, coping and vitality – exploring the implications of threat responses for wellbeing and sustainability decision making in organisational contexts. A seminar as part of Lancaster University COP26 Festival, Friday 22 Oct 2021 VIEW HERE

Climate change, nature connection & racism. A workshop as part of the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights – Black History Month programme, Tues 19 Oct 2021

Eco-anxiety and climate emotions. A presentation for the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network, 31 August 2021 VIEW HERE (20 mins)

Climate trauma, resilience & Taoist physical arts practices Deep Adaptation Forum, 30 July 2021 VIEW HERE

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The Long Return: an essay on belonging

This gallery contains 14 photos.

This is an essay about belonging. It is also about connection, identity and shame. A version of this will appear in a new book Birds can Fly by my old school friend, the artist Paul Harfleet. What is it about … Continue reading

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Climate resilient communities – key design features

This gallery contains 1 photo.

As part of my job as a social researcher at the Scottish Government, I was asked to give a scene-setting presentation on for Architecture & Design Scotland’s public sector client forum: Designing for a Changing Climate: Climate, Health & Place. … Continue reading

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nature awareness – audio recordings

I’ve been recording mindful observations of nature in various places around Scotland – I hope you find them interesting/inspiring/relaxing.

This first one was broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland ‘Sunday Morning With’ programme on Easter Sunday  – the introduction went as follows: Nadine Andrews works in the field of mindfulness & nature-based coaching, supporting people to cultivate a more harmonious relationship with nature. Now more than ever she’s feeling the importance of having a deep connection with the natural world around her. One morning this week/last week she went to her closest green space from home to explore the sights and sounds around her…

Easter Craiglockhart hill, Edinburgh, April 2020, 6am

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“Fighting” climate change: an analysis of a metaphor and its problematic entailments

This gallery contains 3 photos.

This article builds upon my previous post which was written in response to an article by the environmentalist Bill McKibben in 2016. In an upcoming post I will draw on these ideas to explain why I think the prevalence of the … Continue reading

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Climate psychology & role of emotions

This gallery contains 13 photos.

Here’s a presentation I gave at the Climate Emergency – Raising Ambition conference, in London on 14th Sept 2019, ending the talk with a short guided meditation. The event was organised by the Green European Foundation with the support of … Continue reading

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A model of climate justice as a self-regulating system

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Two years ago I developed a model for a job interview that represented climate justice as a self-regulating system. I was asked to present on the topic of “Achieving climate justice: what are the biggest challenges and how can they be … Continue reading

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Without Growth or Progress: adapting our culture to the new climate reality

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Sat 7th Sept, 12.45  – 4pm @ University of Edinburgh Chaplaincy Centre We must do all that we can to limit our descent towards climate breakdown and ecological disaster. But we can no longer deny that this is now our direction … Continue reading

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Deep Adaptation Dialogue – Sat 15th June 1-4.30pm, Edinburgh

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DATE: Sat 15th June, 1 – 4.30pm VENUE: Edinburgh Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace EH1 2JL As more of us consider the possibility of societal collapse due to climate and ecological crisis, there is growing desire to gather and … Continue reading

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Mindfulness & nature connection in Edinburgh

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I’ve started running  monthly 2-hr mindfulness & nature connection sessions in Edinburgh through the Edinburgh Nature meetup group which I now co-organise. The purpose of these sessions is to cultivate our ability to notice what is happening in our inner-outer worlds, … Continue reading

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