Researching value of new local economy

I’m working on a project with Transition Network to assess the potential value of a new (more resilient and sustainable) local economy in Manchester.

The research focuses is on local food, retrofit of housing, and renewable energy sectors.

We’re gathering data on existing local food industry to answer questions such as:

  •  what proportion of consumer spend is on locally sourced food?
  • what is the turnover of local food supply chain?
  • how many food retailers sell locally sourced food?
  • details of land use around Manchester

Once we’ve analysed the data we’ll work with stakeholders to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities given the assets and resources in the locality, and assess the potential value of increasing supply and consumption.

This project is part of REconomy, a project to support Transition initiatives build new local economies funded by the Tudor Trust, Calouste Gulbenkian and Roddick Foundation.

I’ll be talking about this research at the forthcoming new economics foundation event ‘what if Manchester was as sustainable as Havana’ at Manchester Museum 14 June 7-9m

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