Sustainability Plus seminar: 24th Oct, Lancaster University

SR+ seminar series: exploring new ideas, research and action in environmental sustainability and responsibility

I’ve just taken over coordinating the SR+ seminar series at Lancaster University, and am presenting at the first event this Thurs 24th Oct, at 12 – 1.30pm, Charles Carter D38/41 Lancaster University (campus map here):

“It can’t be happening!” Environmental denial, feedback loops and mindfulness

clock-300x257John Foster (Politics, Philosophy & Religion) and Nadine Andrews (HighWire DTC) approach the increasingly important topic of how people respond to psychological threat brought on by ecological crisis through political philosophy, systems thinking, psychology and mindfulness research.
Coming at this topic from different angles, they illustrate Lancaster’s potential for unexpected creative synergies around environmental issues.

John and Nadine will talk for around 45 minutes, it will then be opened up for lively discussion.

Please let Helen know if you intend to come.

About SR+
SR+ is an interdisciplinary forum for exploring new ideas, research and action in environmental sustainability and responsibility. The focus is on discussing Lancaster University research, however we do also invite speakers from elsewhere sometimes. We have around two or three seminars a term.

Initiated by Prof Judi Marshall, SR+ has been running since 2008 and is based in Lancaster University Management School but its for anyone at the university, in Lancaster, or further afield who cares to join.

Next SR+ seminar dates this term:
Thur 5th Dec, 12 – 1.30pm, Charles Carter D38/41

Present your research
Let us know if you would like to present your research – the December seminar is not yet fixed and we can set up dates for next term.
Also, tell us who else is doing interesting and inspiring work right now that you’d like us to invite to present at SR+

Info we need:
– your research topic
– your department
– main disciplines drawn on
– dates you’re free to present (Dec 5th or which month next term)

Please get in touch if you’re interested.

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