March 13 seminar – why language matters in environmental communication @Lancaster Uni

Thursday 13th March, 12.-1.30pm, Charles Carter C37/40 Lancaster University
with Arran Stibbe and Paul Chilton

Ecolinguistics – the search for new stories to live by 
Arran Stibbe, a reader in ecological linguistics at the University of Gloucestershire will give a whirlwind tour of the many areas that ecolinguistics covers, from the discourse of neoclassical economics to Japanese nature poetry, investigating how language encourages people to protect or destroy the ecological systems that support life.

Analysing Climate Change Denier Discourse
Climate change denial is both a cognitive and verbal act. In this brief talk Paul Chilton, Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at Lancaster University, will analyse a denial text in order to show how a well known speaker against climate change manipulates cognitive frames, patterns of argumentation, and other elements in strategic discourse.

campus map here

If you’d like to attend please email

See Sustainability Responsibility Plus network website for more info on upcoming seminars and to download past presentations.

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