The Stories We Live By: a free online course in Ecolinguistics

The Stories We Live By: a free online course in Ecolinguistics from the University of Gloucester and the International Ecolinguistics Association.

The social and ecological issues that humanity currently faces are so severe that they call into question the fundamental stories that societies are based on. Ecolinguistics provides tools for revealing the stories we live by, questioning them from an ecological perspective, and contributing to the search for new stories to live by.

The course is based on the 2015 book by Arran Stibbe Ecolinguistics: language, ecology and the stories we live by.

Registration, course materials, tuition, and a certificate of successful completion are all free. There are already more than 300 people registered from all over the world!

In my role as a member of the steering group of the International Ecolinguistics Association, I am one of the volunteer tutors providing tuition support. Together we provide support in 12 languages: Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian. This is quite amazing!

My PhD research enquired into the phenomenological experience of individuals and analysed their conceptualisations of self-nature (which includes mind-body) relationship, reflecting on the implications for pro-environmental behaviour. I draw on concepts and theories from ecopsychology and cognitive linguistics. I look forward to engaging with the course participants on general topics and Part 3: Framings, Part 4 Metaphors, Part 6: Identities, Part 8: Erasure and Part 9: Salience. 

Register here and join an international community interested in the way that language shapes how we think, act, and relate to the natural world.

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