Averting climate disruption: what now? Panel event Wed 10 Oct 5-7.30pm Edinburgh

Transition Edinburgh and Edinburgh University are hosting an event to discuss the findings and implications of the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change Special Report on 1.5 degrees (SR1.5) warming and other recent research. I will be presenting on the psychosocial implications of this and other recent reports.

NEW VENUE TO ACCOMODATE HIGH INTEREST: Informatics Forum, 11 Crichton St Edinburgh EH8 9LE


Draft Programme
5.00pm   Registration and meeting friends in the Atrium
5.30pm   Welcome by Dr Simon Shackley, Programme Director, MSc in Carbon Management
5.40pm   How much carbon can we emit to meet the Paris Agreement target? Dr Katarzyna (Kasia) Tokarska
6.00pm   A psychosocial perspective on the SR1.5 Summary for Policy Makers, Dr Nadine Andrews
6.20pm   Responses from students on the MSc in Carbon Management and the 2050 group
6.35pm   Reflections in small groups on the findings shared
6.45pm   Open house with contributions from the audience
7.15pm   What do these findings mean for students and staff at the University, institutions and Scotland?
7.30pm   Close.

Participants are invited to check out the following reports as background:
IPCC Special Report 1.5 – Summary for Policy Makers due for release by IPCC on 8 October

Reducing emissions in Scotland: 2018 Progress Report to Parliament – UK CCC, 24 Sept 2018

Scottish Household Survey Topic Report: Climate Change 2017 – Scottish Government, Sept 2018

Changing behaviour in a changing climate – Changeworks for Citizens Advice Scotland, Aug 2018

Quantifying the implications of Paris Agreement: What role for Scotland? – Tyndall Centre, Aug 2018

Raising Ambition – Zero carbon scenarios from across the globe – Zero Carbon Britain at CAT, 2018

Climate & Rapid Behaviour Change: What do we know so far? – Rapid Transition Alliance, Oct 2018

Yawning at the catastrophe: the psychology of climate change – University of Cambridge, Sept 2018

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