Without Growth or Progress: adapting our culture to the new climate reality

Sat 7th Sept, 12.45  – 4pm @ University of Edinburgh Chaplaincy Centre

We must do all that we can to limit our descent towards climate breakdown and ecological disaster. But we can no longer deny that this is now our direction of travel: towards a world of floods, fires, famines, food shortages and mass migration. The natural world stands exhausted, its carrying capacity destroyed.

(c) Nadine Andrews

In this World Café event we will explore this challenge, discussing questions such as:

  • What would it be like to be part of a culture which no longer believed in progress, one which was prepared to be prepared for the worst rather than always hoping for the best?
  • How might we adapt as a culture to such a world in a way which preserves our humanity?
  • What might help us to contain those survivalist fears that would otherwise push us towards defensive, possessive and hostile responses to the other?
  • What forms might love and hope assume in an age of ecological austerity?

Introduced by Nadine Andrews (Climate Psychology Alliance) & John Foster (Green House think tank). Co-facilitated by Eva Schonveld (Extinction Rebellion Edinburgh)


FREE but donations towards refreshments costs are very welcome

This event also marks the publication of two new books by Climate Psychology Alliance and Green House think tank:

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