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  1. Jim Siegel says:

    I read your blog on framing of nature as container, person, self. I think one of our key disconnects from nature in Western culture is that other living or non living things are seen as not being entitled to moral and ethical considerations – in part due to not being seen as having personhood. What moral consideration do we owe to a wild bird or fish, to a tree, to a river or a mountain if they are not seen as being a bird, fish, tree, river or mountain “person”?

    I might argue that a corn plant, a wild oak sapling and a venerable oak tree require different moral and ethical stances, and this confuses many people because they have to adjust the degree of ethical consideration (personhood) those plant entities might deserve. The corn plant in a field is one of millions planted by human beings and lives 6 months, the oak sapling has grown in the wild on its own for a few years, while the ancient oak tree has weathered drought, wind, pest and fire for many, many years. Many people, corporations and government agencies, seemingly blind to some of these issues, would declare that none of the plants deserve any moral considerations at all and could be treated relatively the same. In similar vein what consideration should a mountain get, name or un-named, sacred or not?

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  3. Hi Nadine, I’m trying to get in touch to talk about a documentary project we’re currently filming. Our director will be at “Coming Down the Mountain” and hoping to interview you afterwards. I’ve got more detail on all, let me know which email I can forward to. Thanks! – Andrew Williamson, Producer

  4. Yasmin Luqman says:

    Hi Nadine, I hope this finds you well. I’m trying to get in touch to discuss a Black History Month panel event on Black history and climate activism/climate justice in October and I would love to have you speak after listening to you speak at an event recently. Could you kindly let me know which email is best for you and I can send more information?

  5. Nima says:

    Hello Nadine, just found your blog through climate psychology alliance and I’m fascinated by the connection i see between psychology and climate change.
    I am a student who’s currently applying to colleges for bachelor’s degree. I have been searching a lot on climate crisis and psychological connection to exactly see the career path I can opt for in this field.
    Yours seems the most perfect which I can imagine.
    I need your guidance in choosing the path.
    It would literally mean a lot if you could help me a bit. Please tell me if there are careers in environment and climate change if I opt for psychology in my bachelors.
    It would be great if we could connect.
    I would be hoping for a positive reply soon.
    Thank you!

  6. shymas says:

    hi Nadine, I tried to contact you via Twitter and am not sure if this is a better route. We had a coaching conversation alongside Lancaster Canal many many years ago and it has lodged in my mind. I’d like to talk to you about the possibility of coaching please. Fingers crossed. Sarah

  7. Callum Neil says:

    Dear Nadine, I would like to contact you directly to discuss any potential activities/awareness session which you could deliver regarding being in nature to benefit health and wellbeing for staff at Edinburgh College as part of my Nature Power month in May 2022, Please let me know how I can contact you directly to discuss. Kind regards, Callum

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