nature awareness – audio recordings

I’ve been recording mindful observations of nature in various places around Scotland – I hope you find them interesting/inspiring/relaxing.

This first one was broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland ‘Sunday Morning With’ programme on Easter Sunday  – the introduction went as follows: Nadine Andrews works in the field of mindfulness & nature-based coaching, supporting people to cultivate a more harmonious relationship with nature. Now more than ever she’s feeling the importance of having a deep connection with the natural world around her. One morning this week/last week she went to her closest green space from home to explore the sights and sounds around her…

Easter Craiglockhart hill, Edinburgh, April 2020, 6am

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4 Responses to nature awareness – audio recordings

  1. asimong says:

    inspired and inspiring, thanks!

  2. Paul Hoggett says:

    What a lovely broadcast Nadine, and your blackbird mate singing his heart out all the way through! Did you record it yourself or did you have a Radio Scotland sound recordist with you?

    Best wishes


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