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nad in woodNadine Andrews

My work is concerned with supporting people to be in more harmonious relationship with nature.

I am a psycho-social researcher, a mindfulness and nature connection coach/trainer, and a qualified Mountain Leader.

Current roles

Previously Science Officer in the Technical Support Unit of Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change, Working Group II (impacts, vulnerability & adaptation) with responsibility for social science and psychology.

Extensive experience of working as a freelance consultant and as part of project teams with cultural, arts & heritage organisations, networks and funding bodies across the UK since 2001:

  • Organisational development, training and facilitation
  • Management research, project evaluation, professional development research
  • Project management and fundraising
  • Strategic marketing, audience development, cultural diversity, public/community engagement
  • Knowledge exchange workshop, seminar and conference organising
  • Individual and team coaching at all organisational levels

Also worked in UK music and events industry from 1991-2004:

  • Event and festival management
  • Radio/club DJ, club promoter (Haçienda Manchester); record label management, A&R, promotions and band management
  • Producer of pilot TV music show The Next Level showcasing late 1990s Manchester black music culture scene. A creatively groundbreaking production then and still unlike anything screened since

This breadth of experience together with a systems thinking approach enables me to make creative connections and cross-fertilise ideas for new ways of thinking and working.

Clients include:
Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games cultural programme, Arts Council England, Craft Scotland, Natural History Museum, National Museums Liverpool, Manchester University, Salford Royal Hospital, Liverpool Biennial, Manchester Museum, Renaissance North West museums hub, Mersey Forest, Lancaster University Management School, Lancashire County Council School Improvement Service

Voluntary work:
Organiser of Edinburgh nature meetup group. Previously ran a wildlife group in my neighbourhood. Watch our 7 min film about our local wildlife on YouTube



4 Responses to About

  1. Hi Nadine, I read your wonderful story about ‘facilitation of first retreat’ on the Nest. I haven’t been that brave yet. I did the facilitation course a while back – in fact I’ve done it twice in two different locations. I’ve arrived here on this site because I was following the lead about your PhD. I’m also doing a PhD a University of Exeter and I’m using the Natural Change Project (NCP) as my case study and looking at how the identity of the participant is affected and how identity and transpersonal experience is related. I also have a lot of organisational change experience so I’m interested in how the NCP leaders and us eco-facilitators can actually make change with in what I have termed the dominating context of ‘mass identity’. (There is more on my Nest profile) Not sure where you are in the world but if its ever convenient it would be great to meet up for a tea and share ideas, as it sounds like your PhD is on the same track. I live in the village of Littlehempston, Totnes, Devon (The home of Transition) so if you are ever down this way please let me know and I am in London sometimes. All the best Jonathan

    • cultureprobe says:

      Hi Jonathan, yes definitely we should meet up! I’m based in Manchester though I’ve been working with Transition Network on a research project but I’m rarely in Totnes. Also don’t have cause to be in London much but next time I am, I’ll let you know. My PhD topic has evolved a bit from the description above, and the description on the Nest is very brief and quite vague. There is still a digital design component that aims to support/strengthen transpersonal identities, self-transcendent values and positive cognitive frames about nature in the workplace. Anyway, perhaps we could do skype call/email to discuss research in the meantime

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