Mindfulness & nature connection in Edinburgh

I’ve started running  monthly 2-hr mindfulness & nature connection sessions in Edinburgh through the Edinburgh Nature meetup group which I now co-organise.

The purpose of these sessions is to cultivate our ability to notice what is happening in our inner-outer worlds, to interpret the signals accurately, and get insight into what an appropriate response would be. All systems need feedback to self-regulate – heightening our sensory awareness and becoming more finely attuned to our selves, other living beings and natural phenomena helps us learn how to live in more harmonious relationship with each other and the Earth. Which is desperately and urgently needed as we all know!

Each month we connect with a different place, and sessions usually have a particular focus. For example, how nature deals with stress and how these insights apply in our own lives, understanding bird language, developing tracking skills, working with our emotions about ecological and climate crisis.  All sessions involve group work and solo practice.

Group size is limited to 12 and the events book up fast, so if you’re interested you need to get in there quick!

I also host quarterly equinox and solstice gatherings where we tune in to the natural cycles that govern the rhythms of life and reflect on the psychological meanings of these times of year. These events are open to all and suitable for those of all faiths and none. Find out more on the Edinburgh Nature meetup site.

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